Rachael has been so great to work with – she’s got a fantastic way of helping you navigate through any issues you’re facing. I’ve seen Rachael both individually and with my partner – both of which have been an enlightening experience. I didn’t know what to expect when I started counselling but she was so understanding, supportive and helped me work through my feelings and dynamics in my relationship. I found her extremely personable and would recommend her to anyone who is needing help with any issues.

- Melissa

Over the last few years I’ve seen Laurie for relationship counselling and the difference he has made in my marriage is astounding. Laurie has a very compassionate way of helping me see my relationship more honestly and authentically. He uses scientifically proven research to help me understand the dynamics between me and my partner, which has helped us finally leave behind unhelpful habits which were causing us difficulty. One of the things I like about Laurie is that he deeply understands the challenges faced by busy professional people, which means his advice is practical and realistic for us to implement. I honestly don’t think our relationship would have lasted had Laurie not been there to support us. I will be forever grateful for his skill and expertise and can’t recommend him enough!

- Matt

Through individual counselling, Susan has helped me unlock the patterns that have kept me stuck in personal relationships. With Susan’s assistance I have been able to transform my intimate relationships as well as how I interact with my children and friends. She has taught me that I can reset the lifelong habits that I’ve been unaware of that have hindered me from living the life I’ve dreamt of, without the need to “make” other people change. I highly recommend Susan as a relationship counsellor – she is warm, empathic and connects with her clients

- Kristen

Susan is warm, honest and caring. She made us feel comfortable right away. She makes you see your situation from a different perspective. She took time to understood us individually. Her demeanor was pleasant, familiar and did not make us feel like we were speaking to a stranger. We can’t thank her enough.

- Deshmi

I highly recommend Susan, she is very compassionate and was able to identify my issues quickly and suggest real life strategies that resulted in a positive outcome. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has changed my life for the better. Thank you Susan

- Sharon